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Budget Your Way To Financial Freedom

Why Having a Budget is Important for Your Life and Business

Budgeting can be hard, but so important for your life, business, and financial freedom. For the longest time, I had a deep resistance to creating and sticking to a budget. I figured, as long as I was paying my bills on time and saving some money, I was ok. Who needs a budget, I thought. I was doing just fine

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3 Ways to Build Your Business While You Budget

How to Budget Well in Business to Gain Financial Freedom

While many small business owners have a budget, most don’t know how to maximize this resource to obtain financial freedom in their business. Successful small business budgeting begins by identifying profit and then wisely allocating expenses where you need them most. Sounds Easy, Right? Unfortunately, managing cash flow is one of the most challenging aspects of being a business owner.

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5 Things Every Small Business Owner Should Do at Year End

While we’re all recovering from turkey hangovers and contemplating the daunting task of holiday shopping, our beloved businesses need attention at the end of the year too. These items are universal for any small business owner and should be followed each year to avoid having unnecessary post-holiday business stress. 1. Contact or find a CPA ASAP – I realize that

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Tips for the upcoming Tax Season: Understanding how Taxable to determine

During tax season, taxpayers are required to report income which include wages, interest earned, dividends, retirement and other distributions, business net profits, capital gains and/or losses and any adjustments to income. Also, taxpayers are reporting their household situations whether married, single, and/or filing with dependents. Lets take a look at what makes up your Total Income which is line 22

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