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Best ways to search engine optimize your website

SEO or SEM, what’s the difference? Search results can greatly affect the number of visitors to your website, but often SEO and SEM get confused. What is SEO? SEO means search engine optimization and refers to the optimizations made to a website for it to show up higher organically (not paid) in search results.  While complex in nature, factors like

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5 Things I’ve Learned about Running a Submission Based Site

Insights from a Submission Based Blogger in the Wedding Industry

So you’ve pitched your feature to a submission based site and *crickets* – have you ever wondered who is on the flip side of that submit button? It might be me! Here are 5 things I’ve learned about running a submission based site, and it’s not always candy rain my friends. 1) Rejections Suck Nobody wants to be rejected (that’s

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10 Tips For Creating and Maintaining Your Blog.

Do you ever have a season of your life where you find yourself surrounded by a theme? Maybe you keep seeing the same kind of car show up, you hear people mentioning the same country to visit over and over again, or you can’t stop thinking about Chinese food? Well, for the last several weeks I’ve been asked about blogging

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Why Blogging Still Matters

Is blogging worth it for a small business, especially when social media is so easy? I hear this question often from creative small business owners who are feeling the pressure of having to do so much outside of their actual craft or service. Between accounting, staffing, branding, marketing and everything else, writing blog posts seems to get pushed farther and

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Act Like the Business You Strive to Be Someday

Start acting like a successful business now in order to achieve success in the long-term

“If you want to be a successful business someday, you have to start acting like one now.” At a recent TuesdaysTogether meeting, a friend said “I have to be more like Apple, not an orange.” In response, I giggled but the whole concept is similar to “faking it, until you make it”. However, I don’t propose we FAKE anything. I

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How Being Personal on Your Blog Will Build Your Business

Many small business creatives I’ve come in contact with are very hesitant about putting their personal lives on their blog. They are concerned about sharing too much of themselves and that people will not be interested in their personal lives. They’re afraid that it may not be consistent with their “pretty” sites and they are just not sure exactly what

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Help! What Do I Blog Next?: 3 Tools to Clarify Your Writing

How do you know what to write next? You had a few great posts that hit you while you were driving in your car or reminiscing with a friend. When I first began scribbling out my nuggets of truth, the stories came like lightning bolts of creativity. Writing became a spiritual experience that I wanted to repeat over and over

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Grow Your Email List by Blogging, Here’s How

So everyone on the planet has told you to blog for your business. Am I right? But you’re growing tired of thinking up new topics, new content, new graphics, new photos, etc. I get it, it can be exhausting. That’s why you need to start blogging less, BUT… …at the same time you also need to start blogging with purpose, blog strategically. I mean, what’s the point in blogging if it’s not actually getting you more clients, customers, subscribers, etc. So today I want to teach you how to do just that. Really quickly before we dive into the step by step goodness I want to share

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Collaboration: The New Marketing for Creative Entrepreneurs

Marketing Strategy for Small Business Owners

It’s great to help out fellow entrepreneurs, but what does a collaboration really look like and why does it help you? In January I got my first taste of collaborating and have been hooked ever since! Rachel , a fellow Rising Tide member, asked me to work as a stylist on a photo shoot for a feature in Style Me

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5 Tips for Brainstorming Blog Content

Content Marketing for Creative Entrepreneurs

When developing your marketing strategy, you’ve probably heard that you need to have a blog. While that’s not exactly true—blogging isn’t always an absolute necessity—content marketing is a great way to provide potential clients with valuable info while occasionally sliding in some sales pitches. After all, 81% of US consumers trust information they find on blogs, and companies that blog

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