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The Best Way to Legally Protect Your Business


You now know how to get your business started legally, but how do you protect it along the way? It may not seem like it, but a contract is the most important protection for your business.   You know you should have a contract, and you’ve even heard the panicked stories from other creatives of client dealings gone bad, but… they’re awkward, they’re wordy, and you usually feel

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How to Organize a Styled Shoot


THE CREATIVE’S GUIDE TO A FLAWLESS STYLED SHOOT COLLABORATION Before I moved into my current role of educator for creatives, I was a wedding planner for 5 years. So it goes without saying that I designed and organized quite a few styled shoots! In the design industry, these mock shoots to portray a new concept are called test shoots. I

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Navigating the Waves of Networking

Tips for Upping Your Networking Strategy

Tips for Upping Your Networking Strategy “A rising tide lifts all boats,” wise words from former President John F.Kennedy and the presence and spirit felt throughout the Rising Tide Society. But, it’s more than a feel-good mantra; it is a foundation for which I, along with others, have found the potential within. Making your own way is hard. VERY HARD. Why? As I’m

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How To Be an Equality-Minded Wedding Vendor


TIPS TO ENSURE YOUR WEDDING BUSINESS IS EQUALITY-MINDED FACT: LGBTQ+ couples deserve the same high level of professionalism that you offer every other client you serve. This seems obvious, right? And yet LGBTQ+ couples continue to lament over poor service, inappropriate comments and outright homophobic and transphobic behavior from wedding professionals. This isn’t just happening in rural areas or locales far away from any

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Boom: We launched something big.

Community Platform for Creative Entrepreneurs

What is the Creative Community? A platform to find & connect with creative entrepreneurs in your local area and beyond. Discover amazing professionals to work with on your next project, search for creatives when you're on the road, and share opportunities in real time.

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How to Overcome Doubt When Building a Business

Learning to tackle self-doubt and other fears when starting your own business

The key to running a small business smoothly is overcoming doubt when starting your business. Many people compare falling in love with an entrepreneurial dream or starting a business to falling in love with a person. In the beginning, its as if you have the heart eyes emoji stamped to your face at all times. You even sort of stalk

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5 Unexpected Self-Care Habits for Creative Entrepreneurs

Self-care for Creative Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

Self-care for Creative Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners. In the world of creative entrepreneurs and small business owners, the most trending topics currently is that of “self care” and “work-life balance”.  One of the main complaints of my clients is that of exhaustion and burnout due to the demands of our creative endeavors as business owners and often, “solopreneurs”. What

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Best ways to search engine optimize your website

SEO or SEM, what’s the difference? Search results can greatly affect the number of visitors to your website, but often SEO and SEM get confused. What is SEO? SEO means search engine optimization and refers to the optimizations made to a website for it to show up higher organically (not paid) in search results.  While complex in nature, factors like

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How to get your ideal clients by hustling less

In 2015 I attended every single networking event in a 25 mile radius from my house. Mixers for entrepreneurs-who-like-dogs? Sure! Events for women-who-like-champagne-and-starting-their- own-business? I’ll be there! City Meetups, wine mixers, money workshops, beach cleanups, you name it and I was there for the slight chance that I might make a good connection and to pass out all of my

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