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Tips to Help Avoid Business Burnout

Tips to Help Avoid Business Burnout  This morning, you woke up to your earlier alarm feeling well rested and optimistic about your day. You pulled on a pair of tennis shoes to hit that mat, the pavement, or the gym. The clock slowed down to give you enough time to soak up a relaxing shower, cook a quick breakfast, and

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How to Overcome Doubt When Building a Business

Learning to tackle self-doubt and other fears when starting your own business

The key to running a small business smoothly is overcoming doubt when starting your business. Many people compare falling in love with an entrepreneurial dream or starting a business to falling in love with a person. In the beginning, its as if you have the heart eyes emoji stamped to your face at all times. You even sort of stalk

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5 Unexpected Self-Care Habits for Creative Entrepreneurs

Self-care for Creative Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

Self-care for Creative Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners. In the world of creative entrepreneurs and small business owners, the most trending topics currently is that of “self care” and “work-life balance”.  One of the main complaints of my clients is that of exhaustion and burnout due to the demands of our creative endeavors as business owners and often, “solopreneurs”. What

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An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Eating for Success

Healthy Choices for long-term success as a small business owner

A wake-up call for your health. It’s time to eat for success. Hey you, hunched over your computer. As an inspired entrepreneur myself I know what it’s like to be chasing big, wild goals. It’s exciting and rewarding. However, it is also sometimes exhausting and overwhelming to the point you don’t know what time of day it is or when

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How Meditation Can Improve Productivity

Three types of meditation to make business owners more productive

Three types of meditation to help you stay focused Meditation could be the last thing that you were expecting to hear about productivity. I mean, what does it even have to do with productivity? It makes no sense at all. If you want to be productive, then you’d be much better off reading blog posts about creating to-do lists and

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Writing Your Own Story

It might sound cliche, but it’s ever so true: “Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.” Sometimes this adage is easier said than done, though. To be yourself, you have to figure out who you really are. If we’re being honest, most of us spend our whole lives figuring it out, then realizing we didn’t have it all figured out,

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Loving Someone Who is Self-Employed

I’ve been self-employed for most of the last decade. I’ve gone through seasons of over-working, under-working and everything in between. I’ve been busy and poor. I’ve been thrilled to pursue the life of an entrepreneur and ready to call it quits. My relationship to self- employment has seen many different faces. But, the one complication that has remained throughout the

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Five Tips to Experience Greater Freedom in your Business

How to Shift Your Business Practices to Gain More Freedom

How to Shift Your Business Practices to Gain More Freedom Chances are you started your business because you knew early on that working long hours for someone else’s dream wasn’t for you. You love the idea of being an entrepreneur and so you created a business to offer your awesome services to your clients. Yet despite all of these well-meaning

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Four Multitasking Myths Busted

Why Multitasking Is Actually Bad for Productivity

The question of the hour: “Is multitasking good or bad for productivity?” My “multitasking ability,” that my friends, was always my go-to answer when asked my greatest strength. As a new and naive grad, I was a self-declared multi-tasker and proud of it. Today, as a multi-passionate entrepreneur, there are not enough side-eye emojis to let you know how I

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2,500 Miles Apart: How One Facebook Post Brought Us (and the Backstreet Boys) Together

How Rising Tide Society Fostered a Friendship

We’re here to share the story about how the Rising Tide Society & a Facebook post brought two friends together who lived 2,5000 miles apart.  Britt’s Story: In the early days of high school, I spent nights on my parents’ computer coding websites from scratch…. these were the days of Napster and America Online. There was no such thing as

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