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Best ways to search engine optimize your website

SEO or SEM, what’s the difference? Search results can greatly affect the number of visitors to your website, but often SEO and SEM get confused. What is SEO? SEO means search engine optimization and refers to the optimizations made to a website for it to show up higher organically (not paid) in search results.  While complex in nature, factors like

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How to get your ideal clients by hustling less

In 2015 I attended every single networking event in a 25 mile radius from my house. Mixers for entrepreneurs-who-like-dogs? Sure! Events for women-who-like-champagne-and-starting-their- own-business? I’ll be there! City Meetups, wine mixers, money workshops, beach cleanups, you name it and I was there for the slight chance that I might make a good connection and to pass out all of my

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Five Ways to Guarantee Vendor Referrals

How to Get More Vendor Referrals in the Wedding Industry

Over the last few years, we have worked with some of the best people in the wedding industry. What makes them the best, you ask? Well, it’s honestly much more than just delivering a great service or providing an amazing product. It’s the whole experience that vendors give that can really make or break a relationship with us! If you’re

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Using an Instagram Giveaway to Build Your Email List

Social Media Strategy for Creative Entrepreneurs

  So, you’ve built a happy little Instagram following that responds to your questions and loves the posts you share and engages with you on a pretty regular basis. Maybe it’s 100 people, maybe it’s 1,000, maybe it’s more. What’s next? How in the heck do you sell to these people? Here’s the trick: you’ve gotta get ‘em off of

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Email Marketing: Tips for keeping your email subscribers engaged

You just clicked ‘Send’ on your latest newsletter. The layout was clean. The design was impeccable. The content was error-free. Instead of leaving your desk to enjoy the rest of your day, or move on to the next item on your To Do list, you find yourself still in the dashboard area of your email service. You hit refresh once.

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Is Your Hashtag Strategy Generating You Any Business?

Social Media Strategy for Creative Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

Social media can be a total pain to learn how to use strategically for your business. As soon as you think you’ve mastered one channel, algorithms change. Or a different platform becomes the one to use for marketing. But there’s one thing that seems to be sticking around on multiple channels: hashtags. They started on Twitter, moved their way over

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Why It’s Important to Read The Fine Print When Getting Published

Tips To Get Your Styled Shoots and Weddings Published Every Time

Getting published is a lengthy process, but it’s so important to do it correctly! Building on my last post, 6 Tips To Get Your Shoots and Weddings Published Every Time, I’m sharing why it’s important to pay attention to the fine print before submitting your styled shoot or wedding. Below are the top eight factors to look out for, but

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Personal branding tips for introverts

For many years in my youth I told people I was shy. Much later I learned that I am, in fact, an introvert. Perhaps you are also part of this creative collection of individuals who are quiet observers of the world. The thing is, being quiet often means being overlooked. So how can your personal brand stand out from the

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4 Most Important Audiences to Target with Facebook Ads

Ever get overwhelmed with all the different options for audience targeting in Facebook? Demographics, geo-targets, behaviors, interests, job titles, etc. — it is a lot, and it can be confusing. Here’s a quick way to help simplify the process. There are four audiences every business, no matter what your business, should start with when advertising on Facebook: Your page fans Your

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Why You Should Apply The 80:20 Rule To Your Content Marketing To Speed Up Your Results

Just incase you aren’t familiar with the 80:20 rule it says that 80% of your results come from 20% of your actions. This is an amazing rule you can apply to all areas of your life. I particularly like to apply it to my business activities to help me streamline and work out where I should be placing most of

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