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7 Reasons You Need to Get Published TODAY

Marketing Strategy for Creative Entrepreneurs

You know that you should be getting your work published...but do you know why? As an entrepreneur, your day is filled with things you *should* be doing. So why should getting published move high up on your to-do list?

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The Art of a Successful Instagram Giveaway

Giveaways can be a fun way to interact with and gain more followers, while also giving back to the community you’re building. The very first giveaway I ever hosted was one that I carefully ‘planned’ out. One day went by… no entries. Two days… no entries. Three days… I was starting to think that maybe I had no idea what

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Five Survival Tips for the Insta-pocalypse

Overcoming Instagram's New Algorithm for Entrepreneurs

Last week, we heard the news that Instagram will be moving away from the chronological feed that we have all known and will begin using an algorithm to select and arrange the content that users will see. We’ve named this change… The Insta-pocalypse.  We decided to be a bit cheekier than usual with this post because the truth of the matter

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7 Tips for Rocking a Bridal Show

Bridal shows are usually pretty large! Which means you probably aren't the only photographer, videographer, planner or vendor of your kind there. Try and find ways to be unique and stand out in the minds of brides who are seeing multiple of the same types of vendors throughout a small period of time.

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Creating a Boutique Client Experience

The experience starts from the minute a client hears your name. Chances are they will go to your website, maybe click to your blog, or scroll your Instagram account. What are they seeing? What are they feeling? Are they engaged? Excited? Connected? While each of entity may feel totally separate for your business, they all play together to start giving your clients a feel of what they can expect from you should they hire you!

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How To Leverage Your Social Media

Reaching the Right Clients and Profitability

While there are so many awesome social networking sites, these sites can be more than just catching up with old friends; they can be the best marketing resource you have in your business! So let’s talk about the good stuff: how to leverage your social media to reach the right clients for your business and focus on profitability (over popularity!)

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Stop Talking to the Void & Find Your Ideal Clients

3 Steps to Find Your Ideal Clients

Where was I confused? I was screaming into the void of social media and hoping that people would bite. I assumed that every bride was equipped to be my bride and so instead of talking to the right people, I was merely talking to anyone who would listen. Does this sound like you? Throwing out info, feeling like a scammy salesperson, and praying that it somehow lands in the laps of the right people… you know, the ones who will pay you to do what you love.

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3 Steps to Attract Your Ideal Client

YOUR ideal client is one who not only loves your work and is willing to pay for it, but also has characteristics that allow you to showcase your best work and leave you BOTH happy once your working relationship is complete.

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Building a Brand

Beyond the fonts, colors, and pretty graphics!

You see, we are visual creatures and as visual creatures we want everything to look good, so when we start working on branding our businesses, we get stuck on what it looks like and forget what it can FEEL like. You heard me, your brand shouldn’t just look good, it should evoke feelings!

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The Search for Your Ideal Client

The Client Clarity Methodology

You may or may not have an ideal client profile (some people call it an avatar). If you’re new in business but you aren’t sure how to do all that, it’s my job to describe and why more importantly how you should do it. If you already created an avatar, stay put and read on. If you’re not getting the number or quality of clients who gladly hand over money for your product or service, take a good hard look at the info I’m explaining today!

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