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Mastering Your Elevator Pitch

A Creative Entrepreneur's Guide

I learned a TON in my 11-year career in medical/surgical sales but undoubtedly the most important was the art of the so-called “elevator pitch.” Prior to starting my welcome gift business, my days were spent in a pretty hard-core sales environment, where my audience was hospital staff and surgeons who never had extra minutes to spare. Sometimes the only chance to

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3 Steps to Branding Your Social Media Announcement Images

Use Photoshop to create better sharable images for Instagram & Facebook

Have you ever wanted to make an announcement on Instagram with a text overlay, but struggled to make the image fit with your brand? Or, maybe you’ve wished you could share some of your favorite quotes, but wanted to provide some original, branded content. If you are like a lot of business owners out there, Photoshop can be a little

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Are Facebook Ads Effective?

5 Easy Steps to Track Your Investment

I love social media! I think that’s something we can all agree on. Social networks are a phenomenal way to reach potential clients, connect with current clients, and reach out to other vendors you have worked with or want to meet in the future. From Facebook to Pinterest to Instagram and more, entrepreneurs have found their niche in using social

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