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Three Scheduling Apps Every Instagram Pro Should Know

Mastering your Social Media Strategy

By now, you know that Instagram is an incredible tool for building your business. Creatives have the ability to attract their ideal clients, publicly showcase their work, define their aesthetic, network with colleagues, and develop unique marketing strategies to meet their business objectives.

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7 Dos and Don’ts of Getting Published

How to Get Your Work Published

Would you like a good excuse to crow about that fabulous wedding you just got published on ALL of your social media channels? 86% of editors are more likely to publish a photographer again if they used social media channels to promote a previous feature. Your fellow vendors will love it too, and in turn will share your post to their social media followers....

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How to Create a Successful Pinterest Ad for Your Wedding Business

Using Pinterest's Promoted Pins

I remember the first time my mom saw a remarketing ad – those omniscient banner ads that seemingly stalk you on the web. She couldn’t believe what she was just shopping for appeared on numerous websites after she decided to leave it in her cart and not purchase it. She probably thought, “it’s a sign I should go back and buy that!” Clever move marketers. It’s funny how advertising has changed. Marketers have had to get more creative as we have become conditioned to “filter out the spam” in pursuit of the content that matters.

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The Marketing Strategy that Trumps Facebook Ads

Investing In People

The logic is more money equals more followers, more likes, and more business right? With social media we are always looking for more, but I would like to inspire you skip the social media algorithms and statistics and instead consider to invest that money right back into the client that has already purchased from you. One of my favorite marketing investments: Client gifts!

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7 Ways to a Better Mailing List

Build Your List the Right Way & Keep People Reading It

Newsletters and Mailing lists have become quite the trend for bloggers, and certainly for a good reason, since a well-built list offers an array of benefits: Communicate immediately and directly with people who you know are interested in your content or products. Know that people are seeing your content. Social networks often filter content (think Facebook), or at the very

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Our Favorite Apps for Instagram

As a creative, there are a few apps I’ve found that make planning my Instagram strategy so much easier! I’ll bet you thought the IG app itself was enough, didn’t you? It can be, but I’m all about simplifying systems and making them faster. Here are my top five apps for Instagram that help me do that: VSCO It’s what I

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Hashtags We Love

Utilizing One of Instagram's Best Tools

If you’ve been following along with this week’s challenges, chances are that you’ve discovered at the bottom of our posts some hashtags, #RisingTideChallenge and #CommunityOverCompetition! Hashtags are an amazing way to categorize and label your images in order to be searchable on Instagram! Using Instagram hashtags allows you to connect with other users who are searching for or engaging with

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3 Tips For Styling Better Instagram Photos

Creating Beautiful Images that Match Your Brand

There are plenty of ways to take a better Instagram photo and to receive more likes on that photo, but today I’m going to share three very simple tips that will guarantee more traction and double-taps on your photo.

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Introducing the Instagram Challenge

Kick-start your social media momentum and build a genuine following

Good morning! We are so incredibly excited to be kicking off a week of Instagram here on the blog and in our Rising Tide Society national group. Some of you just watched our founders Natalie and Krista start the challenge with a live video on Periscope! If you missed it, you can check it out here! We wanted to just

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Mastering Your Elevator Pitch

A Creative Entrepreneur's Guide

I learned a TON in my 11-year career in medical/surgical sales but undoubtedly the most important was the art of the so-called “elevator pitch.” Prior to starting my welcome gift business, my days were spent in a pretty hard-core sales environment, where my audience was hospital staff and surgeons who never had extra minutes to spare. Sometimes the only chance to

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