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How to have a professional website for your business, when you’re on a string-thin budget

Starting your own online business can be tricky when your bank account makes you want to cry; yet looking cheap is not an option. Services such as social media schedulers, email marketing and web hosting can be pretty affordable or, if you know where to look, even free! And your audience won’t be able to tell how much you’re paying

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Are you making these five mistakes with your SEO Keywords?

Text is the basis of SEO and text can help you get found online with your blog and with your social media accounts. Doing research on how your clients and ideal readers browse online for services and products you offer is key. This text in SEO language is known as keywords. They can be one word, two word or even

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How to Make Your Blog Content Last Forever

For all you bloggers out there, it takes a LOT of effort to craft a compelling, relevant, visually appealing blog post. It’s not as easy as just sitting down and typing out a few words – blogging takes time! If done correctly, though, your blog can be one of your best sources of traffic and referrals to your small business.

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Essential Themes and Plugins For Your New Blog

Sony Music, Vogue, Time Inc., and New York Post are just a few of the many businesses currently powered by WordPress, making the once recreational blogging site into wildly successful hosting platform for serious businesses. If you want to run a successful business on WordPress, it can be done. As a matter of fact, upwards of 25% of WordPress users

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SEO is Evolving—Are you?

Often times, I get asked about the ins and outs of content strategy and SEO. Although most self-employed professionals are somewhat uncomfortable with these concepts, they know it is needed in order to have a successful business in today’s market space. In a lot of cases, most are intimidated by its ambiguity. And let’s be honest, SEO is not an exact science and there really isn’t an absolute answer.

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7 SEO Tips to get Business in Your Local Market

Many service-based ENTREPRENEURS care about being found for their local business but are missing some key important factors for being found locally. Today I want to share 7 tips on how get your business found in your local market.

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5 Ways You’re Losing People on Your Website

Get Your Audience to Stick Around

Your website is such an important piece of your business and should bring you client after client….but unknowingly it might be turning away client after client. Do you know if your website is doing its job? Read these 5 potential mistakes and see if your website is letting your business down.

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Yoast SEO Secrets Every Entrepreneur Should Know

Using Yoast SEO doesn't have to equate to headaches of keyword research. Instead, introduce Google snippets, meta titles, and meta descriptions into your collection of blog edits and give your posts an upgrade, with a dose of optimal SEO infusion. So, when hibernating indoors to work on your blog isn't an option, we're giving our blog a boost with Yoast SEO. Ahead, you'll find 6 unique ways to use Yoast SEO for every blog post (and beyond).

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Typography 101: Understanding the Tools

Character Panel in Photoshop

Last week I shared about the six basic types of fonts, and while it’s true that choosing the right fonts make a big difference in a design, it’s also important to know how to style those fonts. Understanding tracking, line height and font variations can take a basic design to an amazing design.

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SEO Tips for Creatives

How to Write a Post That is Both Optimized for Search Engines & Attracts New Clients to Your Site

It doesn’t matter how beautifully written your blog post is if it’s not optimized for your ideal client to find and read it.

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