5 Mileage Mistakes You’re Making Right Now
Joshua Brost

Most self-employed professionals understand the need to track the miles they drive for business, yet few actually do a consistent job of keeping an accurate mileage log. Avoid these 5 common mistakes to be sure you get the most out of the valuable tax deduction.

5 Questions to Find the Right Designer for Your Business
Sydney Cruise

Whatever the reason, it’s crucial to find the right designer for your business. Discovering the perfect match can make or break your new image, and if you take the time to answer the questions below and find just the right fit, you’ll have an experience to rave about and a result you’re even more happy with.

Strategies for Sharpening Your Focus
Simon T. Bailey

Focus is the ability to identify an important goal or vision and to channel your efforts toward specific actions that support achieving that goal or vision. It’s like turning on the high beams when driving in the dark or turning on a spotlight to focus on what really drives performance.

Summit Registration Closes Today!
Krista Jones

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New Tuesdays Together Cities
Krista Jones

Meet the leaders and learn about their favorite hotspots in our newest TuesdaysTogether cities: Waco, Texas, the Niagara Region and Bucks County, Pennsylvania!

7 Reasons You Need to Get Published TODAY
Alison Bernstein

You know that you should be getting your work published…but do you know why? As an entrepreneur, your day is filled with things you *should* be doing. So why should getting published move high up on your to-do list?

Is Your Photography Business Making You Money?
Jamie Delaine

Almost all photographers start their businesses with a dream of making their living doing something they love: taking pictures. Most photographers quickly realize that running a small business involves a lot more than shooting, editing and delivering images to clients. If we aren’t careful, a lack of knowledge about the financial sides of our photography businesses can leave us overworked, exhausted and clearing a little more than minimum wage.

You’re More Than Your Dream
Rachel LeBeau

by @theheartmag If your dreams grow from a flutter in your chest, rather than your head, then this one is Continue Reading

How to Choose the Perfect Business Name
Leila Lewis

Sometimes the biggest obstacle after coming up with your dream business is the name. It’s difficult to settle on the perfect name that will accurately and best represent your business. Your inner marketing genius may want to do something cutesy and creative, but that can also get confusing. Do the names you are considering explain what you do? How many company names are just like yours?

Starting a Collective
Nicole Wright

by Nicole Wright Three years ago when I decided to start my vintage rental company and get into the event Continue Reading