3 Ways to Give Back with Your Business this Holiday Season
Meg Clarke

When I started my business, I designed a Giving Back Strategy into my Business Plan. Doing Good brings me joy. If you don’t have a Give Back Plan and frankly don’t know where to start—no problem— I got you covered. Today, I am going to give you 3 quick strategies that you can implement in your business easily—AND will also increase your Christmas spirit too!

Why You Should Love Your Full-Time Job
Kat Schmoyer

I know that statement is a little crazy. When you’re starting a business and growing that business, more times than Continue Reading

I Quit My Corporate Job for Yoga Pants
Jenna Kutcher

Four years ago I quit my corporate job for yoga pants. Okay, so I didn’t actually quit my job FOR yoga pants, but I did trade in my uniform for yoga pants and long days working from home. Here’s the truth: I thought that the corporate life was for me, I dreamt of power suits and high heels. (Now I dream of yoga pants and sports bras.) I studied marketing and communication in college and quickly secured a job at one of the nation’s leading retailers. In everyone else’s eyes I had “made it.” In all honesty, I wasn’t happy. I worked long hours, nights and weekends, spent holidays away from my family, and felt so depleted at the end of every day. I knew I needed to make a change.

The Rising Tide Society Gift Guide
Davey Jones

Over the past few months we have been consistently inspired by the incredible work of our Rising Tide Society makers. You will find everything from artwork to jewelry to home goods in this carefully curated gift guide. Our hope is that this guide simplifies your search for the perfect gift, while making it as convenient as possible to support other creatives in the process!

Business Lessons Learned From The Humble Apple Tree
Lindsey Johnson

A beginning, a growing period, and a reaping of the harvest. In our businesses, we can glean wise lessons from the humble apple tree. Business lessons that will evolve into possibilities and opportunities.

The Start-Up Series: Maria Grace
Krista Jones

In today’s video we’re excited to introduce you to Maria Grace Spady. Maria is a wedding and portrait photographer from the Hampton Roads area. In celebration of philanthropy month, Maria is sharing her heart for adoption. She encourages everyone to find their unique voice in their business and to use that voice to give back.

3 Tips for Balancing Marriage and Business
Lacoya Heggie

One thing I’ve come to learn since starting my business back in 2012 is that it’s definitely not for the faint of heart. It takes leadership, guts, and a ‘make things happen’ attitude in order to sustain any venture and make it profitable. But another aspect of business ownership that not a lot of people discuss very often these days is how to balance entrepreneurship with other external relationships – the most important being, in my opinion, your spouse!

Your Workflow is Broken
Natalie Franke

We don’t need more hours in the day. We need to be more efficient with our work hours. If we develop faster systems that reduce the burden of business ownership, we can concentrate on the creative work that inspires us and pour our hearts into the people we love the most.

Summit Registration is Open–Save Your Seat TODAY!
Davey Jones

Summit Registration opened early this morning! A LIMITED QUANTITY of early registration tickets go on sale today for $79. Once the early registration seats are gone, tickets will be sold for $129. Get your tickets TODAY!

The Start-Up Series: Lyndsey Garber
Krista Jones

In today’s video we’re excited to introduce you to Lyndsey Garber. Lyndsey is photographer from New Mexico and the leader of our New Mexico TuesdaysTogether. We love her encouragement to take time for yourselves this holiday season. “Giving to other is part of what makes the whole world go round, but this holiday season I want to encourage you to take care of yourself. If we don’t take care of ourselves, we are going to start failing the others around us.”