Trademarks & Copyright
Christina Scalera

Your trademark is the official representation of your company, and everything your company stands for. So why, as creatives, do we treat our name or logo as an afterthought…something to deal with later when we’re bigger/more visible/make more money/so on and so forth?

The StartUp Series: Joni Whitworth
Krista Jones

We’re so excited to introduce you to Join Whitworth today! Joni is an incredible Mixologist in Portland, Oregeon and her post is filled with amazing tips for setting goals.

8 Things You Need to Know about Second Shooting
Cassidy Mister

Second shooting or assisting anyone in the same creative field can be one of the most magical and beneficial learning experiences! Continue Reading

3 Reasons Creative People Should Travel
Renee Dickerson

Travel forces you to step out of your comfort zone. You are no longer stuck behind “work” but submerged into a new way of life, thought process, and environment.

Setting Goals with Lara Casey
Lara Casey

I used to get really frustrated when I would come to the end of a year, look back, and realize I made zero progress on some of my goals. “If I would have just tended to that goal little by little over time, I would have made some real progress!” I would think. So, I started studying goal setting. How could I remove the pressure of traditional goal setting? How could I make progress and have fun? How could I let go of the nagging feeling that I wasn’t using my full potential?

Fearless Fridays
The Rising Tide Society Team

2016 is a year for being bold and conquering fear. It’s a year for not dreaming bigger than you’ve ever dreamt. It’s a year for taking action and taking risks.

Who Should Sign My Contract?
Christina Scalera

A new bride and her mother (who is paying you) have come to you for a consultation. They’re both so excited to start working with you and can’t wait to dot their ‘I’s’ and cross their ’T’s.’ They know you’re the one for them and want to sign your agreement. It’s just a formality anyway, right? (Eeek! Not quite…)

7 Dos and Don’ts of Getting Published
Alison Bernstein

Would you like a good excuse to crow about that fabulous wedding you just got published on ALL of your social media channels? 86% of editors are more likely to publish a photographer again if they used social media channels to promote a previous feature. Your fellow vendors will love it too, and in turn will share your post to their social media followers….

Don’t Bother with Resolutions This New Year
Jeff Goins

Don’t waste your time with resolutions this new year. Instead, focus on something far better…

2016: The Best is Yet to Come
The Rising Tide Society Team

There is no time like January to hit the reset button and set goals for the New Year. These last six months for the Rising Tide society have been filled with non-stop excitement, but we’ve enjoyed taking the last two weeks to relax and reflect. And today we’re here to share with you some exciting initiatives for 2016. Here are a few of the changes you will be seeing throughout the next year…