Creating a Boutique Client Experience
Jenna Kutcher

The experience starts from the minute a client hears your name. Chances are they will go to your website, maybe click to your blog, or scroll your Instagram account. What are they seeing? What are they feeling? Are they engaged? Excited? Connected? While each of entity may feel totally separate for your business, they all play together to start giving your clients a feel of what they can expect from you should they hire you!

4 Steps to Take When You Need Clients Now
Nevica Vazquez

You have bills that need to be paid next week, or there’s a conference coming up that you know you have to be at, or maybe your mom’s birthday is next month so you need some extra cash. All of these situations involve you making money in your business as soon as possible to make them happen. Well I have great news, as an entrepreneur you decide how much money you make and when you make it. You can decide to take on more clients, raise your prices, or create a new offering, all resulting in more income for yourself.

Why I Believe in Community over Competition
Davey Jones

Competition is healthy when it’s not at the expense of others. It was never meant to hold people back or put people down, but to push people forward–in both winning and losing. Competition is a healthy part of life, but life is not a competition. Life is about relationships.

The StartUp Series: Jill Gum
Krista Jones

Photographer & TuesdaysTogether Jill Gum shares how she started her career as a wedding photographer and encourages creatives to continue to create what they love.

3 Ways to be a Better Blogger
Amanda Rose

I get it. Sometimes you wonder if blogging is even worth it. Is anyone even reading what you have to say? Do they even care? But let me tell you, friend, it is SO worth it! It may feel like you’re screaming into the oblivion that is the worldwide web, but there are people who are so interested in what you have to say! The funny thing is they may not even find your blog until you start blogging more frequently! Funny how that works, right?

7 Steps to Earning a Truly Passive Income through Licensing
Christina Scalera

When it comes to ‘passive income,’ everyone seems to have an opinion. “It’s really easy…. It’s really hard… you need to have cycles- list building then launch, list building then launch…”

What if earning a passive income was way easier than this? What if you didn’t have to become a marketing genius to earn a living? The answer to a truly passive income isn’t something new. It’s something that’s really, really old, actually.

How To Leverage Your Social Media
Jenna Kutcher

While there are so many awesome social networking sites, these sites can be more than just catching up with old friends; they can be the best marketing resource you have in your business! So let’s talk about the good stuff: how to leverage your social media to reach the right clients for your business and focus on profitability (over popularity!)

Yoast SEO Secrets Every Entrepreneur Should Know
Anna Crowe

Using Yoast SEO doesn’t have to equate to headaches of keyword research. Instead, introduce Google snippets, meta titles, and meta descriptions into your collection of blog edits and give your posts an upgrade, with a dose of optimal SEO infusion. So, when hibernating indoors to work on your blog isn’t an option, we’re giving our blog a boost with Yoast SEO. Ahead, you’ll find 6 unique ways to use Yoast SEO for every blog post (and beyond).

The StartUp Series: Brittany Barnhart
Krista Jones

We’re so excited to introduce you to Brittany Barnhart of Just Curious. Brittany is an illustrator, designer and the leader of our Ann Arbor, Michigan TuesdaysTogether group.

5 Tools Every Blogger Needs
Davey Jones

I’d be willing to bet that most small businesses in creative industries showcase their work and expertise through a blog. It’s become one of the best—if not the best—marketing tool for small businesses. It’s inexpensive, (potentially highly) visible, and accessible. A well-done blog allows people to see what you do or what you’re about in a matter of minutes.