The Search for Your Ideal Client
Reina Pomeroy

You may or may not have an ideal client profile (some people call it an avatar). If you’re new in business but you aren’t sure how to do all that, it’s my job to describe and why more importantly how you should do it. If you already created an avatar, stay put and read on. If you’re not getting the number or quality of clients who gladly hand over money for your product or service, take a good hard look at the info I’m explaining today!

Piercing the Corporate Veil
Christina Scalera

There are many great reasons to incorporate, some of which we’ll be covering in the webinar on Thursday, February 11th. Once you’ve made the decision to go ahead and form a corporate entity, whether it is an LLC, a corporation, an LLP or something else, you can file your registration with the state(s) in which you do business.

Typography 101: Understanding the Tools
Krista Jones

Last week I shared about the six basic types of fonts, and while it’s true that choosing the right fonts make a big difference in a design, it’s also important to know how to style those fonts. Understanding tracking, line height and font variations can take a basic design to an amazing design.

How to Find Your Niche
Shay Cochrane

The goal is that when a potential client goes looking for a particular product or service, you are the first and only name they think of.

7 Tips to Breeze Through Setback
Becky Morquecho

So, when you’re in freak out mode because something didn’t go as well as you’d hoped and you’re panicking about the state of your business and the state of your perseverance, keep these 7 tips in mind and you’ll be back to your go-getting, confident, money-making self in no time.

SEO Tips for Creatives
Sarah Chancey

It doesn’t matter how beautifully written your blog post is if it’s not optimized for your ideal client to find and read it.

The StartUp Series: Elizabeth Nord
Krista Jones

We’re so excited to introduce you to Elizabeth Nord today! Elizabeth is a photographer and the leader of our Chicago TuesdaysTogether. We loved learning that she got her start as a photographer through scrapbooking in high school!She started out as a portrait photographer but quickly realized how much she loved photographing weddings.

Stop Trying to be Original
Davey Jones

Oh, what to blog about? It’s a tension every blogger faces: Being relevant while also being original. We sit at our desks tapping our pencil—okay so no one uses a pencil anymore… We sit at our desks letting our mind drift into the abyss of social media…

Three Scheduling Apps Every Instagram Pro Should Know
Natalie Franke

By now, you know that Instagram is an incredible tool for building your business. Creatives have the ability to attract their ideal clients, publicly showcase their work, define their aesthetic, network with colleagues, and develop unique marketing strategies to meet their business objectives.

Typography 101: Types of Fonts
Krista Jones

Typography is one of the most integral aspects of design, and it can be difficult running a small business without a basic understanding. While you’ll probably hire a designer for big projects like rebranding, there are plenty of other situations from designing infographics to print materials where a working knowledge of typography is helpful.