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July 14th, 2017

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Natalie Franke
Natalie Franke Hayes is an International Wedding Photographer and Speaker for the Creative at Heart Conference. She is also a graduate of The University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Visual Studies and a concentration in Visual Neuroscience and the Psychology of Seeing. She loves discovering ways for small business owners to attract their ideal clientele through modern marketing strategies and works actively to empower entrepreneurs to thrive.

If you’re an avid Instagram user, you know it can be a pretty time consuming app. From planning posts, to engaging with followers, and seeing what people you follow are up to, it’s easy to spend a lot of time on Instagram. We have figured out a few Instagram hacks to cut out some of the time you spend on Instagram, so you can put down your phone get back to what you love doing most!

If you spend any time managing your social media, you're sure to appreciate our helpful Instagram hacks!

Planning apps
Have you ever looked at someone’s Instagram feed and thought, “how is everything so consistent?”. This is one of our favorite Instagram hacks and it is simple–Instagram planning apps! Planning apps allow you to see what your current feed looks like, and upload images that you will potentially post. You can then re-arrange images, add captions, and plan out what time you want to post the images. This allows you to plan out all your posts for the week so you don’t have to worry about haphazardly curating and posting content at the last minute.

There are a few different apps on the market that allow you to plan and schedule posts, and while it goes against Instagram’s Terms of Service to let third party apps post for you, these apps are still a game-changer.

Planoly: Free trial, then $7/month
(we use Planoly here at RTS!)
MOSAICO: $5.99
Preview: Free, but does not import Instagram feed

Pods are kind of like a group of cheerleaders for each other. They all ‘like’ and comment on everyone’s posts right when they go live so that the post beats the Instagram algorithm. There are a few different ways to use pods:

Add everyone that you want in your pod to a group message on Instagram (bonus points: come up with a clever name for your pod). Have everyone post in the group message whenever they post an image. Then, everyone else can go comment and ‘like’ that image.
Add everyone that you want to be in your pod to a group message on Instagram and have them turn on post notifications for everyone. Then whenever someone in your pod posts a picture, everyone will be notified and they can go leave it some love!
Also, commenting on each other’s images with more than four words is a great way to boost them with the algorithm, and an added bonus: it’s always a great feeling having genuine comments! If you don’t know how to approach asking people to be in a pod, here is a good start! (Paste this in your group message)

“Hello creatives!! In order to beat the Instagram algorithm and gain more traffic to posts, I decided to create an Instagram pod with you all so that we can support each other! This is how pods work: whenever someone in our pod posts and Instagram picture, we all go ‘like’ and comment as soon as we can. Whenever you post a picture on Instagram, let everyone in this group message know and we can go leave you some love! Feel free to add anyone you think would be a great addition to our pod, and remember to post thoughtful comments!”

Hashtag Grouping
Hashtag grouping is when you group together hashtags that you use often and save them so that you don’t have to type them over and over. One way to group hashtags is to type them out in a notes app so you can simply copy and paste the group when you’re ready to use them. Also, remember to add five periods, one on each line then your list of hashtags, that way they get hidden and don’t make your post look too busy! Another way of grouping is to create a keyboard shortcut in your phone that replaces a certain word with your group of hashtags. For example, you could create a keyboard shortcut and name it “instatags”, and when you type that out it will replace that word with the tags that you assign to it! Check out this hashtag glossary if you need help building your hashtag groups!

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