Debunking the Myths of Mental Illness
Kelly Hancock

Prior to becoming a creative business owner I was a social worker for adults in the SPMI (severely, persistently, mentally Continue Reading

New Tuesdays Together Cities: La Porte, Cape Cod, Huntsville
Krista Jones

Our leaders in La Porte, Indiana, Cape Cod & Huntsville, Alabama share their favorite local hotspots and city highlights! These charming little towns are filled with antiques, lighthouses and food we wish we could try right now!

6 Tips to Get Your Shoots and Weddings Published Every Time
Kristen Ley Green

Now that you have attended this month’s TuesdaysTogether and learned the power of public relations, you’re likely brainstorming on ways to gain both bridal attention and media exposure. If the submission process is new to you, perhaps as a photographer or you’re a wedding planner or another creative who will be assisting in the submission process, these tips are for you! To get your shoots and weddings picked up, you will need to be diligent, patient and grateful!

Why Side Hustles Matter
Dannie Lynn

Truthfully, each of us started as some form of part time entrepreneur or “side hustler.” We were college students looking for a way to make a little extra money. We were mothers and fathers who decided to turn our hobby into something that provided supplemental income. We were career professionals who wanted to be able to pay for our expensive travel hobby (ahem, that’s me).

To Outsource or Not to Outsource?
Melissa Jill

If you’re a professional wedding photographer, sooner or later you’re going to have to answer this question: Should I be designing my clients’ albums myself, or should I be outsourcing this part of my workflow to someone else?

How I Learned to Work Well Alongside Anxiety and Depression
Ashlyn Carter

Hustle. It tends to be a rally-cry for the creative tribe. But to be honest, hustle didn’t work for me.

Instead, I’ve learned I want to work as a creative small business owner from a place of rest, not hustle.

And I believe it’s possible.

New Tuesdays Together Cities: Playa del Carmen, Sacramento and Cincinnati
Krista Jones

If we’re missing it’s probably because we’re visiting a few of our newest TuesdaysTogether cities. How could we not? The beaches of Playa del Carmen, the coffee shops of Sacramento and the colorful houses in Cincinnati are calling our names…

How to Tell the Story of Your Business
Lauren Carnes

We all want the opportunity to share our stories – and as creatives, we have great stories to share! Maybe you’re opening a new company that fills a need in your city, maybe you’re launching a new product, or maybe you’re creating a campaign that will impact others beyond your brand. You know there is something special there, but you don’t know how to tell it to the masses.

Choosing Intentional Business Values
Rachel Green

A strong brand is all about creating a genuine connection between your brand and your audience. It’s about finding what makes you unique and communicating that to your customers + clients through a powerful visual brand. But developing that strong brand comes from first developing a strong foundation, which means taking time to establish things like your mission, message, and values.