See Your Productivity Skyrocket with Time Blocking
Alice Rossiter

When you are in a creative business, managing your time effectively is one of the most essential tasks! Answering emails or jumping at client requests can bog you down. Additionally, client prospecting and marketing can fall to the bottom of your endless must-do task list. Time blocking is essential for fitting everything into your busy life.

Explore Tuesdays Together Cities: Green Bay & Chicago
Krista Jones

We’re heading to the mid-west today to explore Chicago & Green Bay! Elizabeth and Shaune are sharing their favorite local hangouts, restaurants and more!

Tuesdays Together Inspiration – Leesburg, VA
Erin Littlepage

Over 50 members of the Leesburg group joined together to create an organic/natural/local farm-to-table, gourmet experience, catered by Hidden Julles Cafe. Farm tables, talented florists, and a whole lot of beauty!

Tuesday’s Together Fort Lauderdale
Erin Littlepage

This Spring, we challenged our TuesdaysTogether groups to coordinate their own styled shoot! We’re so excited to share the results Continue Reading

5 Simple Snapchat Tips for Business
Maddie Short

Snapchat is quickly becoming one of the most popular social media platforms–especially among millennials. Snapchat allows you to post pictures Continue Reading

3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy
Emily Alyssa

As a creative, thinking about your digital marketing strategy can be overwhelming. There are so many more exciting things you want (or have) to accomplish to keep your business and personal lives going.

But if you don’t have a solid strategy, you’re essentially leaving money on the table – and no one wants that. Instead, follow these easy steps to up your digital marketing game and get the results you need.

5 Ways to Turn Email Subscribers Into Paying Clients
Kate Boyd

The best way to do this is to build relationships through your email list, and as you build these connections and your own influence you can see it affect your bottom line too. Here are five ways to start utilizing this online tool to create more paying clients and customers.

Start With Why
Justin & Mary Marantz

If there has been one single game changer in our business, it has been this: We Start With Why. As photographers, whether we are thinking about how we light, pose, market, brand, price, or create a client experience for our couples, every single one of those decisions first gets filtered through the lens of Why we do what we do. So today, I think that’s where we should start too.

Explore Tuesdays Together Cities: Northern Utah and Florida Panhandle
Krista Jones

We’re exploring the mountains & hot springs of Utah and the beaches of the Florida panhandle today! Meet our leaders and explore their towns!

3 Important Things to Consider When Starting a Creative Business
Brit Chandler

When creatives make the enticing decision to turn a passion into a business, we are often blinded by the fun logistics of being an entrepreneur. For example, we spend so much time choosing things like a business name, branding, and products or services, that we sometimes forget the bigger picture. A lot of creatives realize they’ve forgotten to consider a few crucial details once their business is finally launched.